Aphrodisiac - EP

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Aphrodisiac – EP

Title : Aphrodisiac - EP
Release Date : 12 October 1999

Featuring bangin’ remixes by Tony B!, David Garcia, Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, Mike Rizzo, Neil Christian, A. Johnson and Glenn Gutierrez.

“I am glad to say that M:G’s new single has arrived, and it does so in grand fashion. With no less than six remixed versions on the 12” by the likes of Chris “The Greek” Panaghi (NYC), David Garcia (SF), Tony B! (LA), Neil Christian (NYC) and Mike Rizzo (NYC) as well as label guru Glenn Gutierrez (SF), you can be sure to bet, there is a mix here for everyone! Dave and Tony start things off with a filtered house thumper that is short on vocals but tall on style and presentation and they follow that mix up with a faster paced heart beater that maximizes M:G’s lead along with some slick knob twisting. Glenn then rocks a breakbeat intensive do diddy that plays to the senses and leaves you breathless. The flip features a C&R (Neil and Mike) vocal remix that turns the tune into a Big Apple flavored party pusher with plenty of appeal while Chris “The Greek” turns the track into a powerfully driven, after hours anthem with an emphasis that will point any crowd directly towards the dance floor. While the vocals on the 12″ are sparse and the over concentration of remixes seems to take precendence over the artist herself, M:G still comes out shining in a way that her steadfast supporters as well as her new found fans will appreciate. And if you thought the vinyl has a lot of versions, wait till you see the CD5! Good night!!”
* * * -Peter A. Colon (host/producer of wax:radio in New York, club DJ), Dance Music Authority magazine, December 1999

Produced and Written by Glenn Gutierrez
Published by Groove Empire / Bmi
All Vocals by M:G
All Instruments by Glenn Gutierrez

130 bpm

Recorded at Music Quest, Union City CA
Mixed and Mastered by Glenn Gutierrez at Planet Hype Studio CA
A&R Direction: Rex Santa Elena
Executive Producers: Kormann Roque & Noel Laxamana

° Remixed by Tony B! & David Garcia for Hooligan Music. Tweeaked Out @ The Hooligan Hut in Pasadena, CA.

* Remixed by Neil Christian & Mike Rizzo for C&R Projects. Recorded at Prime(Squared) Studios, Jersey City NJ. Additional Keys by Willie Weist.

** Remixed by Chris “The Greek” Panaghi for DJG Productions Inc. Keyboards by Jeff Hanc Recorded at Omega Studios Inc, Long Island NY. Engineered by Chris “The Greek” Panaghi.

°° Rmx by A Johnson, appears Courtesy Pandorabox/Dropstar.

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