What Do You Remember - EP

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What Do You Remember – EP

Title : What Do You Remember - EP
Release Date : 27 October 1998

“Sounds perfect for the station.” -HARRY CARPENTER, APD, WOWZ, New York

“We really like this cut!” -JOJO, MD, KZFM, Texas

“Reno, Nevada was the place I first heard M:G, believe it or not, ON THE RADIO! Her first single “Sweet Honesty” garnered a healthy amount of Top 40 radio play, thanks mainly to medium market Top 40 stations. Her follow-up single has Top 40 Radio written all over it! Sadly, M:G may not have the support of stations that catapulted Jocelyn Enriquez to the top, such as B96 (who no longer play dance music, in favor of ALL R&B). In a similar vein as Jocelyn, M:G takes sweet vocal harmonies and combines them with meaningful lyrics in a variety of mixes. Jazzy Jim’s Mix Show Slamma should find favor with radio mixers who program pop dance music, Kernel G’s Delightful Recipe favors a light, pop sound, while the Dreamhouse Mix is an energetic, uptempo house romp that may find favor with NRG jocks as well as mainstream DJs, the Planet Hype Mix favors the electro sound and there’s an acappella too. Also included is a Mijangos House Mix for those who prefer a version that mixes the vocal right out of the record – basically its only use is to augment another version’s mix. The mixes are all good and there’s something for most people to play in a mix show, while the Dreamhouse mix will probably be the club choice. Lyrics like “I remember like it was yesterday, I couldn’t get my heart too far away, was it the memory that made you call, was it the thought of having nothing at all” and “I remember when I told you then that you could never break my heart again, maybe we were wrong, we’d belong alone” and “Maybe we’ll meet again someday, you and I will know…” and a familiar sounding “I’ve been hearing the songs that you thought were for me and you, where you are can you hear them too, on the radio?” with the simple infectious chorus “What Do You Remember?”. Cheesy pop music? Pop music, yes. Cheesy? No. Although some may disagree, we bet the hook will be ingrained in your head, whether you admit it or not. A song of life’s experience, something everyone can relate to when it comes to love and love gone wrong – when looking back it’s nice to remember the good times, but usually best to move forward. Radio’s been crying about not having any pop dance music to play – well here it is! Straight ahead POP dance music that just could be the next darling of pop.”
* * * * -Gary Hayslett, publisher/editor, Dance Music Authority magazine, January 1999

Written, Produced and Mixed By Glenn Gutierrez
Published By Groove Empire (BMI)


All Vocals: M:G
All Instruments: Glenn Gutierrez
Recorded at Music Quest, Union City CA
Mixed at Planet Hype Studio, Fremont CA
Mastered By Tom Carr at Music Annex, Menlo Park CA

* Remix and Additional Production by Jazzy Jim and Bill Williams for Straight Hits Productions / Sound Design by Bill Williams. Recorded at Studio Venus, San Jose, CA.
** Remix by Andres Mijangos for OneWorld Entertainment. Recorded at ADATA Studios in Mexico.

Art Direction & Design: Glenn Gutierrez
Design & Layout: Jamie Gutierrez
Photography: Alan Aseniero Photography
Stylist: Adriana Sanchez
Fashion Design: Mayren Viray
Hair & Make-up: Tien G. Tran / Studio 3

A&R Direction: Rex Santa Elena
Executive Producers: Kormann Roque & Noel Laxamana

© 2015 Maribel "M:G" LaLanne and Planet Hype